Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chemo - Bring it on!

My decision to take chemo was made pretty easy for me today.

I had an appointment this morning to have my surgeon look at my breast to verify whether or not it is infected. While I was there, I confirmed the information about my lymph nodes.

It turns out my surgeon was mistaken about what was found in my lymph node. Evidently, he read one of the other measurements regarding margins and thought it was the finding in my lymph node. Or I heard him incorrectly (NOT).

Bottom line: there was indeed a metastatic tumor that measured 9 mm. which is not huge but definitely not "micro-metastatic." Everyone agreed that my oncologist's recommendation to do chemo is absolutely correct. There was no more doubt in my mind or concern about getting a second opinion.

I cannot start chemo until we are sure there is no infection in my breast. The surgeon's PA drained some fluid to have it checked. She also did an ultrasound but did not see anything out of the ordinary. The redness of my skin could simply be bruising from the pressure of the fluid build up in the lumpectomy site. I will know for sure on Monday when my results come back and I go in for a follow up appointment.

In the mean time, I am taking some kick ass antibiotics which make me a little nauseous and very drowsy. I am going to need to take this med at night after dinner so I can lay down and sleep it off.

All for now...

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