Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hair Regrowth and Miaderm

My hair is slowly starting to grow back. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have colored my hair since I was in college. I went gray very early in life - not sure why! - so when my hair started to grow back after chemo, it came in absolutely white. It will look great on me when I am 80 but not now!

So this morning I colored my fuzzy head and this is what it looks like. I was hoping it would look good enough to go without a scarf or wig but I don't think it's quite long enough yet. Maybe in about another month, I can rock it but not now. It's still very thin on top and longer on the sides and back. All things considered, I am just glad to be done with chemo and seeing my hair start to grow. woo hoo!

Speaking of which, I am back to having to shave my legs, etc. every few days. It's not growing fast enough to be a daily chore, but my days of quick showers are over.

As for radiation, it's going well. I just completed my first week. I have 7 sessions down with 26 to go. Each session is getting easier for me to handle and I'm not quite so nervous about the whole process. It's getting quicker and I'm usually in and out of there in 30 minutes.

The nurse gave me a cream called Miaderm. It contains calendula which I have read is very good for your skin during radiation. Has anyone used Miaderm? Any recommendations for other creams or whatever worked for you are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have been wondering if your hair is growing back. I am still bald as an egg. You can rock it, girl!
    Cancer Warrior

  2. Having finished rads in nov...I used emu oil almost all the way through. The last week and fir a few weeks afterwards, I used their prescribed sulfa lotion and alternated with a heavy duty lotion. I did not like the perfumey smell of the miaderm, so I did not use it often. Overall, I had a good result, minimal side effects. The hair will grow back - just not having to wear the wig is such a milestone and u will be there before u know it!! U lOok great!! Jen

  3. My doctor had me use aquaphor twice a day (which means I was pretty greasy for a month) and used Mepilex on my burns (mepilex is amazing stuff!).

    I was rocking the fuzz the moment I had fuzz (my husband teased me it wasn't long enough, but I considered running around bald at times because I got so tired of hats and scarves). My hair came back the same color (I always colored it too), but it was very straight and is now super curly.

  4. I just was doing a search on short hair (my last chemo was on October 26, 2011) i am pleased to say it is growing in i was going throgh my search for hair, i came across your picture.. we look exactly alike!!! so much so, i thought someone put this up of ME. Best of luck to you..and i have gray coming in too.. i think i will go ahead a color my short hair =)

  5. My hair came back in the same color it always was,only curlier than before. I've now got a great love for gel and mousse. I really didn't care what color it was, it was hair and it was mine. I was glad to get rid of the muskrat (my wigs nickname), I found it too hot and itchy, especially with hot flashes.

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  7. I've heard of Thymuskin being used for hair regrowth, but not this. That's an interesting cream. Haven't heard of this cream, but will remember it for sure. Thanks!

  8. I like your post and wish that you have very long hair. I agree with going outside without scarf and wig feels great.
    Thanks for sharing and love to know how long your hair grown with this product.
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  9. Hi, congrats for the growing hairs. I think the product is so good and effective to be used for bald. I have not heard regarding this cream so far. I will sure recommend this one for my friend circle.

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