Sunday, April 8, 2012

No More Scarves, No More Wig

I think one of the hardest parts of my own breast cancer experience was having to wear scarves, hats and a horrible wig. I didn't like losing my hair (who does?) but covering my head was worse. Whatever I wore was hot, itchy, too tight or all of the above. And then trying to coordinate scarves with my outfit was always a challenge.

But not anymore. I have been "scarf-less" and "wig-less" for about two months now. And it feels GREAT!


  1. You look beautiful! Congrats on your freedom. :)

  2. You look awesome! Your hair looks so thick. Mine is thin, but I am very happy that it is growing back. I am glad to put my scarves and wigs away too.

  3. Woohoo! Join the club -it's an awesome feeling going out with hair again, although it was a big step for me to be brave enough to do it. Mine initially came back straight but as it's grown it has started to curl - my hair was wavy before chemo. It'll be interesting to see what your hair does as it grows.

    You are looking great.

    Just wondering if fatigue is an issue for you? I'm three months post radiation and am still frustrated by how limited I am from a fatigue factor - no other issues, just fatigue.

    Catherine (In New Zealand)

  4. Oh, I hated that wig. Now that I'm losing my hair for the 2nd time, I am determined to find a comfortable one. One must exist....right? Summer in my town is hot, 110 is not uncommon. A wig is going to be hell on earth. A scarf will be too hot. I'm the ugliest bald woman on the face of the earth, so can't walk around plain. There has to be something......

  5. By the way, you look adorable! Meant to add that!

  6. Woohoo! Fuzzy head. You look great! The second I sprouted anything that looked like hair I tossed out those scarves (*itch* *itch* *itch*).

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