Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally some good news!

I received the results of my MRI biopsy today and the news is good. No cancer! YAY! This means that I only need to focus on getting through whatever treatment I need for my right breast. What a huge relief!

It was funny because when I got the results, I started filling in a few people (my family, my friends, my boss) and I was so happy because I only have cancer in ONE breast. Everything is relative, I guess.

Anyway... yesterday was a bit rough. My husband brought me to my apppointment at 7:45 AM as instructed. When I got there and got changed, the MRI tech and the doctor told us the MRI machine was not functioning properly and they had a call into the service technician to get it fixed pronto. They didn't want to reschedule anyone's appointments because the doctor was not going to be available for another two weeks. We needed to get this done as scheduled.

So we waited. And we waited. And we waited some more. The technician finally arrived around 10 AM and started working on the machine. There was no guarantee he would be able to fix it but he did (Thank God!) and we all got our MRIs as scheduled. I had mine around noon time. So yeah, I had to sit in the waiting room in my hospital gown for over four hours. Not fun.

But I am so glad the technician was able to fix the machine, I was able to have my biopsy and I got the results today instead of having to wait until Friday or Monday.

As the saying goes: Life is good.

Next stop: Appointment with the surgeon on 6/20.

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