Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waiting sucks...

I had my MRI on Friday and am waiting for the results. I should know something tomorrow. So all this weekend the only thing I can do is hope and pray and prepare. I am not sure what to prepare for yet. I am not sure what the MRI is going to tell us. I just hope it doesn't tell us anything new because from what I have read online (thank you, Dr. Google), Stage 1 breast cancer is highly treatable and curable. Anything more than Stage 1 gets pretty dicey.

The best way for me to not dwell on the negative and not break down from fear or anxiety is to develop a game plan. Right now, my game plan begins with cleaning up my diet and making some other healthy, positive changes like meditation, yoga and walking. I know that I need to hit this thing from all angles. I cannot leave any stone unturned.

I finished reading "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Kris Carr. I am blown away by all the facts and information in her book. There is so much to digest (couldn't resist the pun!). It's a little overwhelming. How does a person go from being a red meat eater, dairy diva and wine lover to a vegetarian teetotler? Oh - and let's not forget the coffee. I must give up the coffee.

No steak? No wine? No coffee? What's left to live for?

Seriously -- there is a lot left to live for and that is why I need to work hard to "lean into" this new dietary lifestyle. Just like someone with high blood pressure having to give up salt, I need to adjust my diet to balance my body's pH level. I need to be more alkaline than acidic because cancer loves an acidic environment. And what creates acidity? Sugar, alcohol, caffeine and red meat - just to name a few of my favorite things.

I ordered a Breville juicer and will begin making green juices a la Kris Carr. It should be here in a couple of days. Again, more waiting. Maybe God could be handing me a lesson in patience?
On Thursday night I told Dr. Paredes that I am a bit of a bulldog when it comes to getting something I want. I am not saying that I am forceful about things. I just don't like to give up - plain and simple. My husband agreed with that statement - he should know! haha!

So that's what I am -- a breast cancer fighting bulldog. Let me rephrase that -- I am a patient, Zen-like, breast cancer fighting bulldog!

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