Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do I really have breast cancer?

Some days, most days, it is hard for me to believe I have breast cancer. Maybe I am in denial.

I remember how I felt when I received my diagnosis. I know that I had a lumpectomy and wore a lovely drain for a few days. I have a small scar on my right breast that looks like a cat scratched me. That's it. Oh, and another small scar under my right arm where my lymph nodes were removed. I have had one round of chemo but no bad side effects.

I actually feel really good right now and I guess that is why it's hard for me to believe I have cancer.

I am not asking to feel bad. Believe me, I don't want to feel bad! But I went for a long bike ride this morning with my husband and was just so thankful that I feel this good.

I am sure I will have days where I will feel lousy. And I will blog about them when they happen. But for right now, I feel fine and am just waiting for my hair to fall out. The big hair loss is supposed to happen next week (2 weeks after Round 1 of chemo). We shall see. Maybe that will make it all a lot more real for me.

Until then, I am just enjoying the hell out of life especially now that the worst of the summer heat is gone and we're getting ready to head into Fall (my favorite season)!

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