Saturday, September 10, 2011

I did it!

I lost so much hair that I had to wear one of my scarves to work on Friday. That was it. I couldn't wait any longer so I called my regular hairstylist and she buzzed all my hair off during my lunch hour. What a relief!

We started out by leaving a little bit of length - maybe 1/4" - but even that was falling out all over the place. So we quickly realized that we had to take it all off and here I am!

My husband took this picture of me today.

And here is a picture I took of myself in my office after I returned to work.

I am actually okay with being bald. I just figure it is part of the process of healing. My hair falling out means the chemo is working and that's really the only thing I care about at this point!


  1. Your attitude is inspiring! And all I can see is your beautiful eyes now that the hair isn't taking away from them. :)

  2. You look beautiful bald.

    I shaved my sisters head last week for her. It was really hard to do, sometimes I cant believe this is all happening.

    Facing things head on can be so hard, but what else are you going to do?

    Rock on Jennifer!

  3. Hello Jen - you look beautiful. Bald is the new woman's strong! I want you to know something straight up - breast cancer is no longer a definite death sentence - so fight back! SO many of us have come before you and you will find the strength inside you to put your face on this and not the other way around. Already, by reading your blog, I see that you are handling this with grace and holding your head high. You continue to do just that. You ask "Why not me?" That's exactly what I said, also runs in my family - five of us. I will be following you and checking in on you to offer words of hope - I hope you don't mind. The first bit I would offer is two years out and I now have my "twins" complete - tattoo's and all. Stay strong, and don't forget why God gave you knees....Oh and the picture on my blog of Jesus and I - I received a "Patriot Award" from the Police Hall of Fame here in Florida. That photo and another one were specially made and part of the award package for me. They are my favorites. Keeping you in my prayers. God bless.

  4. Jen...I have been running to Drs appointments and "chemo school" for the last few days.
    But I just had to come check your blog this morning.
    Your eyes...just look at them!!!!
    You do bald proud.
    I only wish I would look half as beautiful as you look.
    Love and prayers coming your way