Sunday, November 6, 2011

One More Month

I am really ready to put my breast cancer experience in the rearview mirror and just get on with my life. I am not even sure if that's possible. As Michelle wrote on her blog, even after you finish treatments you still have this "relationship with cancer." So true!

I was getting a little down last week - I think because I was feeling so lousy. But I am feeling better this weekend and just realized -- in only 30 days I will be DONE WITH CHEMO! Just two more sessions. Just one month (and a month goes fast). And I am done with chemo.

Let's hope it is forever.

1 comment:

  1. I hope it's done forever too. While your relationship with cancer will never end, you can become a better person for having had it. You will enjoy a sunset, the laugh of a child, or (insert your own corny cliche here), like others won't. It's true. And, it will fade too, and you'll eventually get back to life and annoyance and all the things we all do. But, once in a while, it will hit you. Oh yeah, I had cancer, and I am ALIVE.

    One more month! You can do it, and you can move on. Let yourself mourn a bit but then close the door and say good-bye.