Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am so worried...

I am so worried about Ann who blogs at "Breast Cancer? But Doctor I Hate Pink!" I started reading Ann's blog right after I was diagnosed. She writes in a humorous, helpful and informative way. We have traded emails about our experiences and she has left comments on my blog.

A couple of months ago, Ann "graduated" to Stage IV metastatic breast cancer when doctors found mets on her liver. She apologized to her readers in this post. I must say, her post broke my heart. It REALLY hit me hard because I have been reading her blog and relying on her words of encouragement. I know that's selfish of me to say. But she is a big part of my life after diagnosis.

Ann is a fighter. She opted for more chemo and sought state of the art treatment in San Francisco. Her doctors told her she was a candidate for liver resection surgery which she underwent in early October.

Now she is fighting for her life - trying to fend off a horrible infection in her colon. She is in the hospital (again). She has been able to maintain contact with her friends and readers through her Twitter feed which is also on the sidebar of her blog.

I don't like what I'm reading. I'm so worried. I am praying that she makes it through this horrible experience.

I hate cancer.


  1. Jen, that is one of the hard parts of us blogging about cancer. We make new friends that are going through cancer...sharing their experiences...their pain. It is painful to read some of the blogs but we cannot let them take over our lives to the the point where we wonder and wait to see if this will happen to us. Last week I lost another friend that I blogged with and also had her on Facebook as a friend. I have many friends that are doing extremely well while others do have a recurrence. There are many wonderful success stories out there. Right now I am going through a different type of cancer this time but I will get through this.....just like you will get through your cancer.
    I also read Ann's blog and am praying for a speedy recovery.
    Good luck with your last chemo....I still remember how I felt after my last one.

  2. Prayers said for Ann. Thinking of you today as well. Good luck.

  3. I am worried too - it is not like her not to at least Twit an update. :o( Hoping for the best.

  4. Jen I am a fan of your blog and also Ann's. I am also worried and waiting for some good news. Her blog has helped me through some dark days. I hope she can pull through.

  5. Ann has been a Godsend to me, her blog has kept me upbeat and laughing through my diagnosis.....she has to recover!!!! She must!!

  6. I agree! I have been watching her tweets and pray that she is not sending because she upsetting well deserved rest! The rotten thing about cancer is all we must endure to "treat" it. My prayers are said for her and you as you finish up chemo!

  7. Well said, Jill. I follow the bloggers to share our often common experiences and emotions, but my husband sometimes is torn about me doing so. He worries I become too emotionally involved with people I don't know or that I am mentally putting myself in their place even though my situation may be different. I have not been diagnosed with Stage IV, but I have had a recurrance. So of course its natural that I wonder- whats next? These women give me hope.
    Im concerned about Ann too, and check her blog every morning.

  8. Thanks for the head's up about Ann being back in the hospital. I didn't know. I have been a little behind with my blogging pals (had surgery last week).

    Best of luck to you, Jen, as you complete chemo!!!