Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Chemo Coming Right Up!

Good news... I had my blood counts done today and I am cleared to receive my last round of chemo on Wednesday. Yay!

I was a little worried that my counts would be too low since I did not get a Neulasta injection after my last round of chemo. My counts were very low ("dismal" is the word my doctor used) just before Thanksgiving. She was worried I might get very sick over the holiday. The last thing I wanted was a postponement of my last chemo. That was NOT going to be an option for me!

I made sure I took it easy, avoided crowds and ate healthy foods - especially beans and legumes which are known to boost blood cell counts. I am feeling fine and my blood cell counts reflected that today.

I am so relieved... I have the chemo finish line in sight!

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