Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Done With Chemo!!

Today has been a very good day in more ways than one.

First, I just read a post from Ann on her blog "Breast Cancer? But Doctor I Hate Pink." She's home from the hospital for now and still fighting her infection. But she sounds strong in her post and I have a very good feeling that she is going to fully recover. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ann.

And my thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post about being worried about Ann. She obviously touches a lot of our lives through her blog.

My big news is that I finished my six rounds of chemo today! WOO HOO! My husband got me a sweet card that had a penguin jumping in the air on the front and shouting "Woo Hoo!" He knows me so well... After 23 years, he should - hehe!

Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure. I had to take one with my Boston Red Sox cap on. I am hoping that 2012 will be a better year for our team and for me.

Here is a picture of my nurse hooking me up to my first chemo drug. She has to wear a HAZMAT outfit when she handles the chemo -- that's how nasty the stuff is.

Happy, happy, joy, joy, joy!

I just hope and pray that I don't ever have to go through this again. For now, I am focusing on the positive - chemo is OVER!

And being the planner that I am, I am focusing on next steps. I will be meeting with the radiation oncologist sometime this month to get set up for radiation treatments. Then I will start radiation after the holidays. I am hoping to be done with them by the end of February.

I will need to wait six weeks before I can have a hysterectomy. I will need a full hysterectomy because I also have a large uterine fibroid that is benign but needs to be removed. So it will all come out sometime after radiation. With any luck, I am hoping to have my surgery in April and be fully recovered by early June - one year from my diagnosis.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I'm off to celebrate with a nice big glass of water.



  1. What a great day! Woohoo! You're done with chemo! Yay! Love the pics of you with that great smile. You're due for a happy holiday and I know it'll be a good one. Wishing you a merry merry and lots of hugs. xxoo Jane

  2. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jen - you look great and I really hope that your down period will fly by. This is now in your past.
    You Had Cancer.
    Miss you, love you, thinking of you,
    Love scoot

  3. Woohoo how well I remember that feeling. Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday season. I love the photos of you....such a beautiful smile and they show a very strong lady and also a very supportive husband.
    I am so happy for you:)


  4. Water or Gatorade! Yay! Congratulations on finishing chemo! Now begins the countdown until that first sign of fuzz growing on your head (my head received a daily close inspection in the mirror, prematurely I may add...)

  5. Congrats Jen!!! Me too....I had my last chemo on the same day as you. Feeling rotten now, but will be ROCKIN' by Christmas! I also have a surgery ahead plus radiation. But I believe the hardest part of the battle is over for both of us. God bless you.
    Cancer Warrior

  6. Congrats! My last was eight months ago. I have a nice full head of hair again and have been paging through websites of hairsytles! Yay! Best of all, all my energy has returned. In October, went to kauai and completed a difficult hike and said to my hubby- just think six months ago I didn't have the energy to get up off the sofa!
    Best wishes for good days ahead!

  7. YAY! Congrats!!! Even though we've never met face-to-face, you were on my mind the past couple of days. I'm so proud to "know" you and I'm so thankful that you're done with chemo. Like always, you've got your next step in place and ready to go. I admire your strength and hope and pray that 2012 is your best year yet.

  8. Have my 2nd round Dec 19th.So glad to see how well and happy you look. Gives me hope :-)Thank you for posting.

  9. Thank you, everyone for your kind comments. I really appreciate it. Completing chemo is a big accomplishment as many of you already know.

    And yes, growing hair is high on my list of priorities for the coming year. hehe! I will probably post some hair "progressive" pix from time to time. I am pleased to have some peach fuzz growing all over my head right now. I am not pleased that it is all white! oh well... I will take when I can get.

  10. Hi Jen, snap - my last chemo was Nov 30th and my peach fuzz is also white. I've been telling my kids that it's actually blonde! Catherine

  11. Jen, not only did we have our last chemo on the same day, we had EVERY chemo on the same day!

    p.s I am considering getting my peach fuzz shaved off and letting it all grow back new!

  12. Florence - that is a great coincidence. We are a "team!"