Friday, December 16, 2011

My Bullet List

I loved bullet lists. Why is that? Anyway - here is the bullet list that is running through my chemo brain right now.

  • I just realized this morning that I have absolutely no nose hairs. None. I must admit that I love having no body hair thanks to chemo. But no nose hair is DA BOMB. Seriously. And no "tailfeathers." That's cool, too. I may keep that up even after the hair starts to grow back in. Just sayin'...

  • I am so excited about our trip to Florida for Christmas. I absolutely cannot wait to see my family and friends and soak up some sun. I am just not sure what I am going to wear. None of my shorts from last summer fit me now. Bah humbug.

  • We just got a new car two weekends ago. I love it. After sharing one car for the past year, having two cars again is a LUXURY.

  • My husband got a job. Actually, he is starting his own business. He will be selling AFLAC insurance to employees who do not have robust benefit plans through their employers. It doesn't matter what he's doing. I am just thankful he has found something he is interested in. The money will follow (I hope).

  • I love the TV series "Breaking Bad." OMG. This series makes "The Sopranos" look like crap. The series was created by a guy from Richmond, VA and he makes some references to the people and places he knew growing up here. The scripts are clever, the story line is intriguing. Bryan Cranston is a great actor. I can't get enough. But you can't just start watching it. You must rent it from Netflix (or wherever) and start from Season 1, Episode 1. It's worth it.

  • I plan on baking LOTS of Christmas cookies this weekend. At least - that is my plan.

  • I'm happy. Really freakin' happy. And I am so thankful to be done with chemo. I love my life. I hope it stays this happy.


  1. Love your post is so uplifting. You deserve that holiday to Florida so enjoy it.
    Have a wonderful time:)

  2. I love lists and this is a great one!

  3. Jen, it makes me so happy to read your blog. I finished my chemo on the same day as you, and I have to say, I have never felt happier in my 44 years on this planet. Funny you say you are going to FLorida for Christmas....I just left a comment on another of your posts to say that I am going to Florida early in the New Year....another perk of cancer:)
    Cancer Warrior